The 45 Best Feel-Good Movies of All Time | Uplifting Movies

We’ve all been there: When faced with all the options on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and so on, the temptation to watch something you know you love (Friends on repeat, cough) is high. But there’s so much out there that serves as eye and ear candy to boost your mood. We’re talking about the feel-good movies that, when the world outside feels like it’s on fire or crashing down (or both), make it all just melt away and life seem better and happier. These great movies won’t fix everything, but they will help you take your mind off of the bad, at least temporarily. And sometimes, to be honest, that’s enough.

These picks will help you add to your collection of happy movies (listen, we already know you love Mean Girls10 Things I Hate About You, and The Notebook, which is the only reason they’re not on here)Obviously the rom-com is a classic feel-good selection, plus there’s plenty of action, animation, and dramas that offer just as much enjoyment as your standard romance. This list might even give you a new favorite or two for your feel-good rotation.

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1. ‘Booksmart’

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