The $50M Skycastle Could be Your New Home in Los Angeles


Completed back in the 1990s for an art collector, Skycastle looks as much as a work of art as the stunning pieces it was originally meant to display. This mesmerizing piece of property was imagined by David Lawrence Gray, proudly sitting in a privileged area of the Hollywood Hills, with 12,000 square feet of lovely living areas, nine bedrooms and amazing outdoor spaces and views that most of us can only dream of.

This modern Los Angeles ‘castle’ features sixty-foot ceilings, massive glass windows and a grand entryway, as well as several skylights that allow plenty of natural light to fill this home with joy. The rooms are extremely spacious as well, featuring a wonderful mix of stone, concrete and steel that could take your breath away.


Jed Leiber, the acclaimed Bafta-winning and Grammy-nominated musician, bought this stunning mansion in 2012, and added his touch to the entire picture. For instance, there was also a two-bedroom guest house on site, but he transformed it into a state-of-the-art recording studio.

Jamming may be fun, but it is also distracting, that’s why the entire property was equipped with advanced security systems that will work for you and keep you relaxed at all times. Even though this amazing mansion is gated, all individual rooms require a programmed fob for entry, which is not something you see too often.

Sunset Plaza Drive surrounds the half-acre promontory, with the sky and twinkling city lights of the city below adding to every evening’s appeal. If you have $50 million laying around, I invite you to consider this home and possibly invite me over for a party or two.



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