The 55 Best Chick Flick Movies of All Time

Sometimes, you really just want to get all dressed up with your BFFs, head to the nearest bar, and dance the night away. Other times, you’d rather stay in for the night, clad in your most comfortable pajamas, scarfing down a buffet of unhealthy meals, and gossiping with your friends over endless glasses of wine. For the evenings when you prefer to stay in and kick it, it’s essential that you gather around your television screen for a mandatory viewing of some feel-good film that will inevitably leave you in stitches or in tears, or both. Chick flicks can be beautiful rom-coms, messy dramas, empowering stories—or sometimes all three at the same time. Yes, Legally Blonde is one of those. Yes, it is on this list. No further questions.

Now is the perfect time to select one of these sweet, balm-for-the-soul films to brush off the work week and relax. Ahead, the best movies to watch during your night in with your squad.

Table of Contents

‘You’ve Got Mail’ (1998) 

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