The 75 Best Rom-Coms of All Time, Ranked

Romantic comedies: Love them or tolerate them—and let’s be honest, you can’t hate a rom-com—they’re always good for a cozy evening in and a life lesson or two. They’re also versatile: You can enjoy a good romantic comedy with almost anyone in your life, from your boyfriend to your parents to your best friend. Not to mention, they pair perfectly with just about any kind of snack (we’re partial to M&Ms with our rom-coms, but you do you). For the next time that nothing but a good rom-com will do, we ranked the best and the most classic rom-coms of all time.

Are you looking for enemies-to-lovers romance? We got you! Love watching someone hire a fake boyfriend or girlfriend only to fall in love? Same. Obsessing over two teenagers and who they’ll take to the prom? (Plot twist: they’ll meet each other there.) That’s our favorite activity! The point is rom-coms are the butter of the movie world as they just go perfectly with whatever your craving. So now we just have one final question: Where does your fave fall on the list?

Table of Contents

75. ’50 First Dates’

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