The 8 Best Thrillers of 2021 to Leave You Breathless

At its core, a good thriller is about mystery and suspense: There’s something that needs to be solved, and we’re the ones figuring it out. A great thriller can cross movie genres, from whodunit to action, drama, and even horror. No matter what, though, the plot is genuinely exciting and fast-paced all the way through, which often makes it a breeze to get through (the perfect weeknight watch? I say yes!). The thriller is a nice match for Halloween watching—when you’re hoping to feel tense but maybe not quite as terrified as you would with a bloody horror film—but this type of film is actually perfect year-round.

This year especially has seen the return of big budget movies, and there are some compelling star-studded vehicles on this list. Plus, a number of these films draw from real-life events: the how and why are just as interesting as the what. These are the best thrillers in 2021 so far, and there are still more to come before the end of the year.


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