The 9 best Twitch copypastas

The content creation scene on YouTube and the streaming culture of Twitch are quite different from each other since they connect with their audiences in specific ways.

Though YouTube also has a chat section for livestreams, it’s ages behind compared to Twitch chat. Despite having its own set of emoticons, it will still be challenging for a Twitch chat user to feel comfortable in a YouTube chat. One other thing that’s easily noticeable is how united Twitch chat can be when it comes to spamming copypastas.

Copypastas are blocks of text that can be considered as inside jokes on a streamer’s chat. They mostly originate from funny and goofy moments. Every time a similar event occurs, you can find the chat spamming a related copypasta. If you ever find yourself wondering how they’re so fast to bring out the best copypastas, they mostly keep them within arm’s reach, saved on their computers. Dedicated fans will always have a copypasta ready to go for a moment they may expect it to happen. 

Twitch has been around since 2011 so there have been quite a few copypastas that achieved legendary status. Here are some of the greatest copypastas in Twitch’s history.

  • While some viewers tune in for the gameplay, there are other viewers that will be there for the chat experience. If the stream’s just starting you may find the usual spammers performing their pre-stream routine with the following copypasta.
    • “The stream starts, and so my spam begins. It shall not end until i am banned. I shall fear no mod, sub to no streamer. I shall live and die in the Chat. For i am the value in the bomber. I am the BM in the lethal. I am the salt in the defeat. I pledge my keyboard to the Chat, for this stream and all the streams to come.”
  • As fun as spamming in the chat can be, not everyone will enjoy the commotion. There are viewers who don’t like the fast-moving chat, and the below is a copypasta that was probably created with an intention to stop spamming in chat. You can call it becoming a copypasta itself a cruel twist of fate.
    • “wow, i log on to twitch tv to chat with people and to watch a good streamer, then you guys fking spam this chat with your dumb kappas and dumb sht memes that are not even close to funny. i dont even giggle from your shtty jokes. fk you and if you fking copy this message im reporting each one of you. you all think your fking funny”
  • Hearthstone is an excellent game, but losing when you’re playing perfectly can be a tough pill to swallow. The below copypasta covers all the well-known excuses that get thrown out when a streamer loses a Hearthstone match, and it usually gets copypastaed when the streamer starts explaining why they lost.
    • “☑ ‘This guy’s deck is CRAZY!’ ☑ ‘My deck can’t win against a deck like that’ ☑ ‘He NEEDED precisely those two cards to win’ ☑ ‘He topdecked the only card that could beat me’ ☑ ‘He had the perfect cards’ ☑ ‘There was nothing I could do’ ☑ ‘I played that perfectly’”
  • Twitch chat isn’t always filled with momentary reactions, and there will be times when meaningful conversations will take place between the viewers and the streamer. If you’re trying to have a conversation amongst a sea of spammers, however, you’ll have a tough time. Though the origins of the below copypasta are unknown, it’s one of the best anti-copypastas that eventually joined the dark side.
    • “Ladies and gentlemen, I recently lost my job and am currently unemployed. Twitch chat has been my safe haven and comfort during this time. However, I come to this stream today and what do I see? A ridiculous amount of copypasting tomfoolery. Please, have respect for the intellectuals here and try to return to the days of glorious discussion in twitch chat.”
  • Shia LaBeouf’s motivational Just Do It speech will be a part of internet culture for eternity. It consists of all the energy and encouragement you may need to get something done, but what if you need the opposite of what it stands for? The following copypasta usually gets thrown around when a chat tries to get a streamer to change their mind from doing something.
    • “Do it tomorrow! So just quit! So just don’t do it! Nothing is possible! Anyone else would do it, you’re gonna wake up and quit. Don’t let your dreams come true. Success is impossible! You should be giving up. Just stop starting over, and quit. You’re gonna just give up. No, what are you starting over for!? Just give up!”
  • Rick Astley says he’d never give you up, but would he really? It’s hard to tell what he’d do in a paradoxical situation and the Twitch chat has the perfect scenario for Rick Astley.
    • “If you ask Rick Astley for a DVD of the movie Up, he won’t give it to you because he’s never gonna give you Up. However, by not giving you Up like you asked for it, he’s letting you down. This is known as the Astley paradox.”
  • Breakups are tough for all the parties involved. It almost feels like there isn’t a right way to handle them. If you’ve been trying to build up the courage to break up with your significant other but can’t seem to find the perfect way, you can try doing it with a message over Twitch. The emoticons should help to ease the pain while allowing you to express your emotions better.
    • “babe, i’m breaking up with you. it’s not you, you were poggers. it’s me, i’m Omegalul. im sorry if this is PepeHands but it has to be done, i’ve just been feeling Pepega and our relationship has been WeirdChamp for months, it’s time to end it, no Kappa.”
  • The North American League of Legends region went into Worlds 2020 with high hopes. Fans wanted it to be the tournament where the region finally proved itself, but things didn’t go according to plan. With its first seeded team crashing out of the tournament, the NA region lost most of its hope and was once again miles away from a top-three finish. The following copypasta became a phenomenon as the players who attended Worlds from the region came back home and started streaming. Their chats were flooded with this message and it may continue to echo through the chats during the next global tournament.
    • “NA ‘Near Airport’ is known as the fastest region to arrive at the Airport. Since they gave up on the Worlds Championship, they are investing in Speedruns. In particular they are current worldrecord holders in Airport Any percentage and Airport no wins.”
  • Coming almost out of nowhere, Among Us became one of the popular games in 2020. Its Mafia-like gameplay is quite straightforward for anyone who has experience with the original party game. It may still be hard for newcomers to identify what’s taking the crew so long to figure out who’s been killing them left and right for the last 30 minutes.
    • “So uh. If you’re playing Among Us. On a voice call. And you’re killed… why would you NOT immediately tell everyone who killed you? Isn’t the goal to win if you’re crew? Like if you’re not gonna tell people on the voice call, why keep doing tasks? What’s the point of using the voice comms at all? You’re still in it when “dead”. To me if a fucking person doesn’t use it when they’re dead they’re throwing. I’d 100% tell my team who killed me if I was killed. The point is for the crew to find out who the impostor is. If you’re part of the crew, you should be telling them if you know. If you’re not going to do that, you’re literally int’ing and throwing. So then why bother doing tasks if you don’t want to win? End discussion.”

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