The AMG Viella 12 Turntable starts from $16,000

Now, let’s take some time to honor the grandfather of music, the turntable. Some retro-ideas wouldn’t hurt at all, let alone music aficionados. Some years ago they used to mean one thing – sound. Today, they are incredibly precious to us, almost symbols of audio perfection. The AMG V12 Turntable that we’ll present now encompasses both history and the tutelage from Mercedes Benz.

We mention something about perfection right above, but what we missed is the fact that Mercedes Benz means perfection. This puts the AMG brand somewhere above, or at least that’s what Werner Roeschlau’s idea expresses. He designed this superb electronic, along with his son, naming their result the V12 Viella.

They realized this incredible project via two important aspects, CAD software and CNC machines, in tandem. Thus, a 25 millimeter thick aircraft grade aluminum body includes a 16 mm axle clasped adjacently. Highly efficient 12 gram aluminum tubing has been added inside with the help of the CNC machines from the factory, ensuring perfect resonance control, aiding the overage vinyl records. Going on with the concept of perfection, all the wiring has been crafted from copper, allowing for the best conductivity.

The exterior of the gadget has been realized from smooth finished hardwood, for a more elegant aspect. No information regarding any customization options has been released so far, nor has it been denied.

For $16,000 a piece you can name yourself the pride owner of such an exquisite turntable, but the prices may keep going upwards in case your claims are a bit more opulent. Anyways, listening to the retro scratch-like sounds made by such a player is a pleasurable experience all by itself.


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