The beautiful Casa Villa Flamingo in Marbella, Spain

We’ve been presenting residences within Marbella, Spain since some time ago, and yet they never stop surprising us. Casa Villa Flamingo is new on our list, a charming, elegant and complicated estate built for the rich. Of course, it is part of the Del Sol Villa collection.

Gardens with tropical flowers and manicured lawns surround the place, the residence putting at your disposal the highest standards of living. Its two sister-villas, Villa El Cano and Villa El Cid, are quite larger than it, but the level of luxury is kept high in all of them.

Villa Flamingos features 5 air-conditioned en-suite bedrooms, three of them being added terraces, as well as state-of-the-art entertainment and relaxing facilities, like home cinema, balcony and cozy loungers to watch the panoramas.

There’s also a large fully-endowed kitchen to be mentioned, an elegant dining room that opens onto a terrace, a pool side area boasting chaise longue and tables, the best for enjoying a day on Costa del Sol. All you need to do is to take a look at the pictures below and check what we said out for yourselves. There is heaven on earth as well.


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