The Bentley Blower Ride-On Model, for the Luxury Car Drivers of the Future

Bentley has created the Blower Ride-On Model, a toy designed for children aged 2 to 5 (future customers, perhaps?), based on the Bentley Blower, an iconic model dating back to the 1920s.

Even though this isn’t the usual vehicle to be released by Bentley, it still bears the unmistakable mark of quality the British carmaker has accustomed us to. The toy car is made out of solid Tulip wood, with the famous British green high gloss livery, and also features aluminum racing wheels finished with spoke effect. Not only do these wheels look authentic, they also work really great as well. It’s this smooth rolling that’s essential for this toy to actually work, since it’s powered and steered by a child under the age of five. Finally, adding an extra touch of comfort, the seat is made with hand-stitched leather.

Each of these Bentley Blower Ride-On Models is unique, fitted with a personalized number plate mounted on the stainless steel grille at the nose of the car. The cost for one of these is $5,500.

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