The Best Camping Lantern for Navigating the Wilderness

Streamlight’s Super Siege has a lot to offer those looking to find their best camping lantern.

It features multiple light colors, including red and white, as well as six levels of light from which to choose.

The lantern has a removable globe cover. When you remove it and hang by the D-ring located at the bottom, it can give directional light pointed downward. You can expect it to light up a large area when suspended in this fashion.

For a softer light, leave the globe cover on and set on its base on a flat surface. It features one white LED bulb and four red Led lights.

The white light runs for nearly six hours on its highest setting, over 11 hours on medium, and over 36 hours on low. The red lights are perfect for preserving night vision and will last 140 hours on high and 248 hours on low. As a contestant for your best camping lantern, it is essential to point out it features a rechargeable battery and takes 7 hours to charge with its AV charger.

The Super Siege can float and can handle a meter of water. It also will survive the impact of a two-meter drop.

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