The Blue Palace Resort & Spa in Crete, Greece

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One of the most wanted countries for getaways and relaxation, Greece, has yet another surprise in store for us. Just a few miles away from the village of Elounda, on the Island of Crete, and around an hour’s drive away from Heraklion Airport, curious eyes can find the Blue Palace Resort & Spa, set among hillside landscapes, overlooking the superb Aegean Sea.

There is just one color that fully describes the place – blue. Everywhere you look, everything you see features this tone, while the gorgeous Aegean Sea provides unforgettable landscapes. No wonder this country is fabled for its legends of stalwart gods and gorgeous goddesses.

Blue Palace Resort Greece 2

Furthermore, Blue Palace’s world-class Elounda Spa & Thalassotherapy is one amazing place. Guests can experience the true meaning of relaxation as they expose their bodies to plankton, seaweed and all sorts of aquatic substances in a luxurious atmosphere. In addition, the spa provides an extensive range of state of the art treatments alongside one- to six-day programs.

The total of 251 accommodation facilities, villas, suites and bungalows, are superbly garnished with blush palettes, as the local culture of the Island of Crete suggests. Furthermore, the resort provides a lounge, two bars and five restaurants, able to pamper guests with all sorts of worldwide cuisine, from Italian, French and Mediterranean to Asian dishes.

Nightly rates start at €215, but, as you get used to all this luxury and gorgeousness, the money will soon mean nothing. And if you want to explore the sheer beauty Crete has to offer, car rental is definitely the way to go, because this island is surprisingly big and you might have to drive hours to get to the most picturesque places. 

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