The Chappelli NuVinci bike in sleek black and chrome

In an attempt to convince everyone that bikes can be extremely fashionable and cool, Chappelli have presented the brand new Chappelli NuVinci  Apart from the fact that it’s an absolutely gorgeous thing to look at, the NuVinci comes with the variable rear hub for gearing, essentially providing a plethora of gear to smooth out the ride.

Chappelli have already been awarded for their innovative technology and designs by the Australian International Design Awards board with top honors in terms of leisure and sport. The manufacturer of this staggering bike describes the process of changing gears with their new innovative build as “simple as tuning a radio”. It is enough for the rider to adjust the grip shifter to match the gradient of the road.

In addition, the Chappelli NuVinci includes a chromoly lugged steel frameset with custom Chappelli cranks and leather grips with integrated red lights at the ends of the bars. Following the design of the chromoly setup, the wheels stand out with the chromed out deep Vs matching the silver lugs.

The award-winning model will be fabricated as a limited edition, due to be available and delivered starting November to bicycle enthusiasts in New Zealand and Australia.


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