The Easiest Image Placeholder Tool I Have Found

As web developers, many of you have need for placeholder images. Whether you are working with clients who have yet to provide you with appropriate images, or you are working on a site for your own personal portfolio and haven’t produced graphics yet, having a simple way of inserting placeholder images can save you valuable time.

I was looking around for something the other day, and I found a tool that strikes me as extremely intuitive and easy to use. The site is, but you don’t even need to visit it. Just insert the following into your HTML editor wherever you want an image to appear:

{code type=”html”}

<img src=”” />

That’s it! Just enter your desired height and width in the URL, and will create a perfectly proportioned placeholder:

But that’s not all – you can also customize the color, text, and even the filetype of the image itself:

All of this can be done simply by editing the URL of the image itself. Full instructions can be found at