The ELEONORA III Sport Hybrid Yacht Sets New Standards


Columbus Yachts has recently launched their new ELEONORA III superyacht, and we’re dying to talk about it. The innovative 40 M sport hybrid vessel has been designed and developed by the shipyard’s brilliant team alongside interior designer firm Hot Lab Yacht & Design,

The resulting layout features an elegant interior, which benefits from warm materials and soft colors, including Breccia Sarda and Adria Venato marbles, Tay wood and dark oak flooring. Soft wool carpets and precious fabrics complete the classy vibe of the interior, which seems to complement the cool exterior of this lovely yacht.

ELEONORA III is also home to a small bar, located at the entrance of the main deck, as well as a cozy dining area suitable for 8 guests; the lounge area, complete with a sofa and armchairs, placed around a large TV screen, is the perfect spot to relax and entertain yourself.

The master suite definitely deserves a mention as well, even though we don’t have any official photos with it yet, but apparently it features a king-size bed and a bathroom equipped with two marble sinks and glass walls for the shower.


Aligned with the “green theme” of the yacht, the wood used for the Columbus Sport Hybrid 40 m was certified to ensure eco-sustainability, while the leather inside has been treated with a special non-toxic substance. With that in mind, an advanced hybrid propulsion sysyrm works hard to enable the vessel to sail at speeds between 3 and 20 knots, while offering optimum fuel efficiency.

The yacht’s hybrid propulsion system was designed, studied and built in close collaboration with the Technical Department of the Palumbo Shipyard., and it should make this vessel sporty and fast, while allowing guests to enjoy comfortable and quiet trips on the seven seas. Is there anything to complain about?


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