The Enchanting Imperial Hotel in Vienna

There are few places in the world where anybody can feel like royalty – and the Imperial Hotel in Vienna is one of those places. Originally built as the residence of the Prince of Württemberg in 1863, it was converted to a hotel for the 1873 Universal Exhibition and now awaits luxuriously-minded travelers from around the world.

While its vintage charm and elegance definitely contribute to the hotel’s allure, the modern, high-end amenities also ensure guests enjoy a great time while there in complete comfort. The retreat’s accommodations include 76 rooms and 62 suites, which are all spacious, elegant, and well-appointed, designed to look and feel like aristocratic residences from the imperial era.

Some of the Austrian capital’s finest dining establishments can be found at the Hotel Imperial. There’s the charming Café Imperial, as well as the OPUS Restaurant, offering excellent Austrian cuisine with international influences. Finally, there’s the 1873 HalleNsalon, where you can enjoy a small breakfast with a nice of juice, a cup of coffee, or a drink in a truly palatial setting, surrounded by classical music. And if all of this isn’t enough, the hotel’s excellent location, at Vienna’s famed Ringstraße, means you’re never too far away from any of the magnificent city’s attractions.

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