The Exclusive Glen Grant 50 Year Old Scotch Whisky

World-renowned Glen Grant distillery has released an exclusive 50 year-old vintage whisky, the oldest, most expensive whisky yet released by the Scottish brand.

Dennis Malcolm, the company’s current master distiller, filled a cask that would become Glen Grant 50 Year Old single malt Scotch in October 1963 and has cared for it ever since, making sure the interaction between whisky and wood creates something truly special. Now, only 150 bottles are set to be released, making the collection as rare and exclusive as they get.

Each decanter is an exquisite piece in and of itself, hand numbered and finished with the number 50 in 18kt gold lettering. The recipient is made from hand-blown crystal glass by the gifted craftsmen at Glencairn Crystal, Scotland’s last family-owned crystal glass company.

Every Glen Grant 50 Year Old comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Dennis Malcolm and every craftsman involved and is for sale for a price starting at about $13,700.

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