The Flex Display Phone Concept is impressive

Flex Display Phone Concept 1

The Flex Display Phone is a new amazing phone concept designed by Hank Chien-Cheng Chen which uses OLED screens and folds into itself is a brilliant way. This new flexible phone concept might be the future of cell phones with its flexible display technology that allows it to be expanded into a netbook.

It’s touch screen is unique among other cell phones and it can be expanded to a screen just by sliding it. A keyboard on the touch screen makes it easier for mobile enthusiasts to type emails or messages and this cell phone will offer all basic functions of a regular cell phone.

It will offer access to GPS, net and videos, it will allow anyone to stay connected anywhere, anytime and it will even allow professionals to create presentations for example. When the flexible OLED screen folds back the Flex Display Phone still isn’t thicker than a normal cell phone.

We don’t know yet when we’re going to see this amazing cell phone concept into production and on the market, but it definitely gives us an idea on how future cell phones might look like.

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