The Invictus 280SX Combines Relaxation with High Speed Thrills

Invictus 280SX

The Italians from Invictus Yacht have just unveiled the latest vessel from their popular SX series, the new 280SX. Ideal for eclectic people, who want to enjoy both relaxation at sea and a few high speed thrills once in a while, this boat was designed with pure Italian style in mind, and comes with many interesting features.

The Invictus 280SX is just 8.70 meters long, but it boasts a stern hull, which allows it to look all sporty while delivering comfortable sailing. The 350-hp engine is there to help, as it propels the vessel through the water at speeds of up 38 knots – the cruising speed stands at 21 knots, which is pretty fast as well.

Invictus 280SX

There’s also a spacious swimming platform in the back, which allows you to step on board or jump in the water in style. But what might be even more interesting is the elegant cockpit, where as many as six passengers may sit back and enjoy the ride. The cockpit is pretty spacious and it’s exposed to the ocean, with a large windscreen protecting the bridge.

The console area features an small L-shaped sofa, while a comfortable C-shaped sofa covers the entire bow. Feel free to imagine a different set-up; the sky is the limit, or in this case – your budget. The Italian yacht builder will gladly customize this vessel with different colors, finishes, and accessories.

Invictus 280SX

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