The Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort in Brazil

One of the most luxurious, yet very natural resorts in Brazil is the Kenoa Exclusive Beach Spa & Resort. It stands out by mixing two important principles in the world of tourism: comfort and preservation. And it does it in a lordly way. It was constructed under the careful supervision of the fabled architect Osvaldo Tenorio.

His purpose was to create a private and peaceful corner of paradise, uniting the golden sands with the azure waters of the ocean. The result was a colorful and relaxing resort, where the shapes, tones and light reflections are utterly compelling. By far the most impressive feeling is the gorgeous contrast between the luxury accommodations and the minimalism which perfectly characterizes the Kenoa.

Looking over the Atlantic, it provides a memorable Brazilian experience, in the light of the breathtaking surroundings, privacy, invigorating interiors, eco-chic style, flowing lines and tranquility.

It comprises 10 Apoena Suites, decked with Egyptian cotton sheets and providing full views over the ocean, an Araxa Suite garnished with a traditional Japanese ofuro tub crafted from fragrant hand-planed cedar wood and 8 beachside Marajó villas, complete with private plunge pools, exterior showers and magnificent interior gardens.


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