The Latest Bvlgari Fragrances come with Arabic Inspiration

World-famous house of Bvlgari introduced six dreamy fragrances inspired by gems last year, part of a collection called La Gemme. Fashionably housed in beautiful flacons shaped like antique amphorae, these perfumes were named Ashlemah, Noorah, Amarena, Lilaia, Maravilla and Calaluna.

This year, the Italian brand decided to add three new fragrances to the collection, inspired by well-known gems that can be found on the Arabic peninsula. Lazulia celebrates lapis lazuli, Selima conveys the beauty of cornelian, while Zahira evokes the intense shine of topaz.

These three new Le Gemme scents come in stylish 100 ml bottles, priced at £231 and waiting for you at Harrods. But, let’s focus for a second on each of these scents, shall we?

Lazulia is a woody-oriental fragrance reminiscent of Arabic nights, a perfume that’s noble and spiritual. ‘Lazulia’ in Arabic actually means “dark blue” and represents a precious stone with the power of life and energy of night that appears as dark blue with tiny golden-white dots evoking the starry sky. The composition of the fragrance matches its name, including mysterious and hypnotic oriental shades, with Jasmine notes.

Selima focusing on cornelian as a symbol of peace and abundance, life and wealth. The name Selima means “tranquil and peaceful”, with an oriental-spicy union of flavors and powerful red energy aiming to get you at one with the universe. The composition includes spicy notes of saffron, with a touch of red roses and warm spices.

Last, but not least, Zahira is reminiscent of the golden desert of Arabia. Its royal glow of topaz impresses with an unique charisma; you see, Zahira means “shiny and luminous” in Arabic, with the radial and fiery floral-oriental aromas of the fragrance aiming at allowing you to feel just like that. Expect cinnamon aromas, sweet-exotic flowers of ylang-ylang and the overall ‘hot’ vibe you so desire.


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