The Luxurious Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul

Located an hour’s drive away from the Incheon International Airport in Seoul, the Banyan Tree Club & Spa resides into a historic building that was built to commemorate the fortunate end of the Korean War. Set among the outskirts of the largest town in South Korea, the hotel boasts with a combination of history and modernism, where pleasure meets elegance.

Featuring a superb pool that transforms into an ice ring during winters, the hotel rises as much as 21 stories about its clear water, comprising a total of 50 rooms that share breathtaking views of the nearby river. Each of the exquisite rooms sports open layouts, while the hotel provides a large indoor plunge pool with a large bed aside it and a Korean sauna.

The third floor of the building is where the apogee of Banyan Tree is found – the world-famous Banyan Tree Spa offers incredibly relaxing treatments based on principles that come from the whole Asian continent. Furthermore, the Banyan Tree Club & Spa Seoul features a total of 12 bars and restaurants, where guests can enjoy meals that originate from Italian cookery and traditional Korean, to sea fruit, cheese snacks and a load of dishes focused on meat.

Whether you decide to do a bit of jogging, to swim, to visit the South Korean capital or just sit back and relax in front of the TV, the hotel is here, anxiously expecting your arrival. Nightly rates start at KRW 412,560 or €282.


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