The Magnificent Toriva Villa in Marbella, on the Beautiful Costa del Sol

Marbella is a beautiful town in the Spanish region of Andalusia, lying at the foothills of the Sierra Blanca, on the world-famous Costa del Sol. Buying a house here would be without a doubt a great investment, especially if it’s something as breathtakingly beautiful as the Toriva Villa.

The property extends across 2.47 acres of magnificent, sunny landscape, offering great views of the Sierra Blanca, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. The mansion itself is a stunning sight, awaiting its owners and their guests in the middle of a wonderful landscaped garden, with a Grecian-style pool with white columns stretching in front of it.

The interior of the Villa is just as impressive. Its 36,000-square-feet of living space comprise 8 spacious and luxurious bedrooms, as well as 10 bathrooms, every area contributing to the atmosphere of elegance and grandeur.

The wonderfully set, exquisitely designed Toriva Villa is on the market for €32 million, or about $43.5 million.

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