The Microneedling at Home Guide: Benefits, Risks, and How-To

I’ve never been a fan of needles. I’m not saying I cry whenever I have to get a shot—okay, maybe I tear up a little—but using a needle device, even a “microneedle,” as part of my skincare routine seemed too terrifying to even try. But then I ended up going down a TikTok rabbit hole about microneedling and dermaplaning and their benefits—glowy skin and improved texture, to name just a couple—and knew I needed to try it.

While microneedling is designed to be done by a professional, there are options for microneedling at home, too. But let me—and the microneedling expert I spoke to, innovative tool guru Kerry Benjamin—be very clear: Using a derma roller at home can be dangerous and damage your skin if not done properly. As ever, always make sure to talk to your dermatologist or esthetician.

How does microneedling work?

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