The new Bentley Jewellery Collection Adds Color To Our Lives

Bentley Jewellery Collection 1

The superb Bentley Jewellery collection expands once again, this time with eye catching pieces featuring colored gemstones – inspired by the rainbow shades available to Bentley customers. The stunning colored gemstones have been selected, cut, and polished in the Heinz Mayer factory.

Bentley’s Jewellery partner focused on bright colors while imagining this wonderful collection.

It’s well known that Bentley’s select clientele is welcomed to choose between a wide array of paint and finishes for their next car, with various vehicles showing off bespoke combinations of colors and materials. That’s how this jewelry line was born as well.

Bentley Jewellery Collection 2

Launched in 1996, Bentley’s unique Sequin Blue color was inspired by a sequin from a blue dress and came to life from a mix of pigments using blue mica. A tanzanite gemstone is its correspondent for this jewelry collection, a desirable stone only found near Mount Kilimanjaro, in northern Tanzania.

Bentley Jewellery Collection 3

The Padparadscha sapphires, on the other hand, are available in yellowish shades or orange-pink variation. One might say that the stone’s pure color resembles the multi-faceted tones of Bentley’s Bacalar limited edition line. Who am I to disagree?

Bentley Jewellery Collection 4

A bright Mandarin garnet aims to complement the paintwork of the newest Bentley car, while the rarest gemstones from this collection boast a wonderful orange shade, Fanta Orange.

Pricing for one of the pieces from this new Bentley Jewellery Precious Gemstone Collection start off at around €6,000 (or $7,000).

Bentley Jewellery Collection 7

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