The new HUBLOT Skull Bang Watch

Hublot has impressed everyone with their newest timepiece, a watch for those that want to show their outlaw aspect, dubbed as the Hublot Skull Bang. Realized in collaboration with Laurent Picciotto, the founder of the fabled Chronopassion, a watch boutique in Paris, and old associate of Hublot, this exquisite piece of timekeeping comes made entirely out of black ceramic, with an interesting and delicate satin-finish.

The 45 millimeter dial face is covered by an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, while the case-back sports a black “Skull Bang” transfer, actually an imprint of a transparent skull-shaped silhouette onto a black background. The hands are painted in black as well, following the overall scheme of the timepiece, the bezel bears the same motif, the “H-shaped” screws are blackened as well, and even then Hublot logo has been painted and decked in black.

The technical part of the watch revolves around a HUB 1112 automatic movement. The strapping can be chosen to be made of leather or rubber, following the black motif. Boasting a 5 meter water resistance, this timepiece is going to be released in just 100 units worldwide.

If you want to purchase any of the timepieces in the series, order them from Chronopassion / Hublot Paris or simply get a grip and buy a mobile phone.


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