The Radical FOILER Will Make You Fly Above the Waves


Premiered at the 2018 Dubai International Boat Show, the FOILER yacht is a man-made marvel imagined by the UAE-based Enata Marine. A radical evolution of foiling boats, this vessel is called the world’s first private flying yacht, for good reason. It will fly you 1.5-meters above the sea, thanks to 4 patented foils, at breathtaking speeds of up to 40 knots (74 km/h).

The FOILER is an all carbon fiber vessel, with high-grade stainless steel, aluminum and titanium mechanical parts adding to the exclusivity and durability. Thanks to this ultra light construction, the foils and rudders are highly rigid and robust, while the carbon fiber hull promises comfortable sailing, easy sailing and a smooth landing. Where would you want to go first?


The yacht’s foils that are actually fully retractable, promising auto-stability and ensuring a comfortable ride as they stop the waves from hitting the hull. One touch of a button and the FOILER can be switched from foiling mode to the comfy archimedean mode. Cool, right?

A hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system was specially designed for this vessel, with two 320 hp hybrid engines from BMW driving two generators for the much needed electrical power. All this energy goes to two electrical torpedoes which drive this vessel, thus reducing the fuel consumption by up to 20% over your ‘standard’ yacht and keeping our planet clean. Fancy a flight?


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