The Rampazzi Crystal Dining Collection is up for sale

If you’ve bought that million-dollar mansion from your childhood and wish to refurnish it to fit your liking, we’ve got an interesting proposition for you. The Rampazzi Crystal Dining Collection is a set of pieces of furniture that go beyond luxury.

Completely exquisite in every way, the set comprises a dining table, sideboard, chairs or an armchair, it was originally commissioned by Michael Jackson. The table has been manufactured from fine materials like Italian silk fabrics, decked with renaissance patina, gold silver leaf finish, Swarovski crystals and platinum alloy.

Standing 75 centimeters tall and measuring 220 centimeters in length and 110 cm in width, the table is purchasable at the stunning price of $48,500 (£30,100). Each chair that comes with the table will cost an additional $16,000 (£10,000) while a matching cabinet can be chosen to complete the collection for a mind boggling $89,000 (£54,000) more.

The armchair on the other hand, if you choose to pick it, offers a higher load of extravagance. They’ve been adorned with, similarly to the table, platinum gold leaf overlay, Swarovski crystals, or, at customer’s request, black back ground with Swarovski applications.

Don’t rush into this though, because all these are quite costly. Measuring 55 cm in depth, 55 cm in width and standing 77 cm tall, it costs a stunning $22,000 (£13,500). We hope we didn’t make pet-owners drool for nothing.


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