The Segway Hoverboard 2.0 Moves Towards The Future

Hoverboard 2.0

I’m not sure why, but some people still go crazy over Segway and their iconic two-wheeled, self balancing scooter. Others wish to ride a hoverboard to work in the near future, but the question is: why can’t we have both? The Hoverboard 2.0 aims to be just that, a futuristic and versatile mode of transport packing modern technology and boasting a minimal design language.

This cool Segway Hoverboard features a retractable steering column, that houses the main console, and becomes a functional handle upon retraction. That’s how this innovative hoverboard transforms into a Segway – does anyone else remember that ridiculous movie with Paul Blart?

Hoverboard 2.0

Nikhil Kapoor is the man behind the Hoverboard 2.0, with the brilliant idea to add a third wheel placed in the center for improved stability and maneuverability. Meanwhile, two screens will show the status of the board and an RGB LED strip is integrated along the wheel arch to keep commuters out of harm’s way. Is this a good idea? Who knows.

Unfortunately there aren’t any technical details out there yet, although we have some big expectations regarding the battery pack. Other than that, we can only hope the price tag isn’t so impressive that it will drop our jaws and empty our bank accounts. What do you think about it?

Hoverboard 2.0

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