‘The Undoing’ Cast | The HBO Cast and Characters

Led by Hollywood heavyweights Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, HBO’s new drama The Undoing brings to life the Jean Hanff Korelitz novel You Should Have Known in a six-part miniseries. The series diverges sharply from the book early on—you can read about the key differences here—but retains the novel’s DNA, which spotlights a seemingly perfect marriage and a violent death. Kidman and Grant aren’t the only A-listers bringing characters to life (in their cases, Grace Sachs and Jonathan Sachs, respectively): The indomitable Donald Sutherland plays Franklin Reinhardt, Grace’s father, and A Quiet Place star Noah Jupe plays Henry, Grace and Jonathan’s son. We’ve also got Lily RabeNoma Dumezweni, Edgar Ramirez…the list goes on. Here’s your guide to the cast of The Undoing and the characters they play.

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