‘The Undoing’ Season 2 | HBO Release Date, News, Cast, and More

With the series finale of HBO’s psychological thriller, The Undoing, behind us, we’re already preparing for the major withdrawals that will surely set in after we can no longer dive headfirst into the lives of the Fraser family every Sunday evening. Sure, the limited series is billed as an all-encompassing exploration of a single murder mystery and its effects on everyone involved, but let’s be real—what wouldn’t you trade for a season two of this Nicole Kidman- and Hugh Grant-filled prestige drama?

Though it may seem premature to start trying to manifest a second season of The Undoing into existence since, after all, we are still digesting how the first season ended, it is a truth universally acknowledged that anything Kidman touches at HBO turns to gold. It’s safe to assume, then, that a continuation of Grace and Jonathan Fraser’s story would be just as Emmy-worthy as this first set of episodes. While we wait for these dreams to come to fruition, here’s everything we know so far about a potential season two of The Undoing.

Has The Undoing been renewed for a second season?

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