This $14M Uccle Villa Is a Contemporary Jewel from Belgium

Uccle Villa

Found in the small town of Uccle, Belgium, right in the outskirts of Brussels, this jaw dropping villa sits on one of the most prestigious avenues in the city. Complemented by a massive 34-acre plot, this contemporary masterpiece covers 1,500 square meters of living space, and it was designed by architects B. Schotte and J. Engels.

The Uccle Villa offers six bedrooms and a lavish master of 51 square meters, all of them including a dressing room and an en-suite bathroom or shower. There’s also a family room, a small office, a home cinema, a game room and also a large studio on site, with the ground floor being the place where guests could also find a large social area, including a living room with a cozy fireplace and the dining room.

Uccle Villa

The architects actually designed two beautiful kitchens for this property, although I doubt the next owners will be spending too much time in there, considering the spacious terraces. The magnificent garden is also worth mentioning, a place where you could go out for a walk every single day, and the impressive wellness area, with a swimming pool and bar, it’s definitely a treat for all your senses.

Sure, you will also appreciate the clean and futuristic look of this Uccle Villa, which is why everyone is Brussels is so excited about it. Situated near a forest, this villa will offer fresh, clean air, and safety won’t be an issue here, since a high tech alarm system will keep all intruders out. The question is: would you pay $14M for this villa?

Uccle Villa


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