This new god game has an actual Thanos snap button

Are you there, God? It’s me, Mul Nephum of the Odoar kingdom. I really hope you’re listening. It’s been wild down here. If the eternal war between dwarves and elves wasn’t bad enough, we’ve got zombies down south and tornadoes to the east. I’m pretty sure the humans were all done in years ago by that superheated laser from the sky. Maybe it was the killer snowmen. Tuesdays, am I right? All I know is I’m glad I was out of town when the bowling ball meteors came.

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WorldBox is a hell of a god game, and probably because my plague-ridden, eternally lava-flooded world is worse than any hell these poor dwarves and elves can imagine. It’s a heavily customizable sandbox meant for mucking around and watching what happens, in the lineage of ancient god games like Populous. Though you can witness countless kingdoms and villages break ground, and even more kings rise to power and subsequently bite the dust, WorldBox doesn’t reach the storytelling heights of more focused games like Crusader Kings 3. That said, Crusader Kings never let you give birth to a genocidal swarm of nanobots. I think.

WorldBox starts you off with a randomly generated yet re-customizable map. Most basic flora are plentiful, and perhaps a few bugs roam around. But every single man, animal, ore deposit, and river is dropped by you. It’s very much a garden of Eden, plus or minus a volcano.

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My tenure as god began with a modest realm. Dwarves to the northeast, littered among the craggy mountains, while elves took the western regions. Humans made do with a smaller stretch of land to the south. 

WorldBox’s landscaping tools are a treat. I can give the dwarves a mountainous seawall, protecting them from anything directly south of their peninsula. The map generator also gives the humans a massive land bridge stretching from one region to another, a rare lifeline between nations separated largely by water. A small band of orcs have also made the southwest islands their home, though they appear dramatically outnumbered by the neighboring elven kingdom.

(Image credit: Super WorldBox)

As a patient god, I’m content to sit back, crank up WorldBox’s timelapse speed, and watch small camps grow into larger cities over a hundred years or so. Then I step away for a bite to eat and find that the humans have been eradicated in the chaos between dwarves and elves, with the fairer race subsuming humanity’s land into its own.

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