This Wonderful Italian Palazzo can be Yours for €16 Million

Via delle Ginestre

The astounding property before you has been standing tall on the picturesque hills of Conegliano, in Nothern Italy, since the second half of the 17th century, featuring 10 bedrooms, 6 full baths and 16,145 square feet of incredible living areas.

Designed by Venetian architect Baldassarre Longhena, this villa could be your very own Italian Palazzo, if you’re willing to splash out a cool €16 million (or around $19 million) to make your dream come true.

With manicured gardens and a grand staircase waiting for your arrival, this palatial residence is simply breathtaking from the outside, while the views of the town below and all its surroundings complement this mansion in the best way possible.

Veneto plains full of vineyards, the majestic Alps is the background, and stunning natural beauties wherever you might turn your head will make you fall in love with this region forever.

Via delle Ginestre

As charming as the exterior of this villa may look, this Italian marvel boasts some wonderful surprises on the inside as well. Here, time-traveling becomes apparently possible thanks to the original furnishings, the high ceilings, mesmerizing paintings and a lovely Loggia, overlooking the living room, that once housed the orchestra.

The property also benefits from a private park, as well as a swimming pool, an Italian garden corner and lovely chill out spots – ideal for writing poetry and contemplating life and the universe, in general.

Feel free to expect all the comforts and commodities that come associated with such a price-tag, but the question is this: would you rather live in a modern and electrifying environment or would you prefer to embrace the warm and classic Italian style?

Via delle Ginestre

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