Top 10 Best PUBG Mobile Players in Pakistan

This list contains the top 10 best pubg mobile players from Pakistan on the basis of game and skills, not by subscriber count and fame.

So I was searching for the best pubg player in Pakistan I got the list of top 10 tiktokers.

I was shocked that people are searching for top players in Pakistan and getting results for the most famous pubg players from Pakistan. I am not spreading hate to anyone but all those websites are not providing what people are searching on google.

As a PUBG Mobile player and competitive player, I know who is best in Pakistan and who is overrated. So I have made a list of Top Players of Pakistan who actually play well and have proved themself on National and International levels.

top 10 pubg players from pakistan

Best PUBG Mobile Players in Pakistan

  1. i8Crypto
  2. Rehmaan
  3. Bablu Pikachu
  4. ScytesGhoost
  5. UnknownOP
  6. X.Muqaddar
  7. Qadeer Gaming
  8. Legend Sam
  9. Kalfan
  10. Star Anonymous

Number 69: 4hASAD

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Asad Youtube Channel

One thing you have to keep in mind is that this list is according to my gaming knowledge. There are many good players who are not mentioned here but since we are listing the top 10 pubg players so.

Let’s know a little deep about these Top players from Pakistan.



You might know him by i8crypto, flexCrypto, SteFlexCrypto, or Zei8Crypto. He is one of the best players or you can say i8crype is the Best pubg player from Pakistan.

Crypto is a competitive player from the team of i8 (Iluminati8) which is owned by Trynda who is also the coach of i8. Currently, they are sponsored by Ze organization.

Crypto was the top fragger of PMCO Pakistan spring split regional finals with 37 kills.pmco 2021 top fragger

He was #5 in MVP ranking of PMPL south Asia championship finals and #4 in Kill leaders with 35 kills and 7709 damage.

pmpl south asia finals kill leaders
pmpl south asia finals kill leaders

He was the #2 fragger in PMPL SA CHAMPIONSHIP 2021.

I ranked him first because he proved himself in Pakistan and also in international-level competitive tournaments. Crypto and his team won many local tournaments in Pakistan where he was the Top fragger.

i8Crypto is a master of m416 with a 6x scope. He always finds the opportunities to get the kills and be the top fragger.

Team i8 is going to play PMWI (PUBG Mobile world invitational).

i8 Crypto short Bio

Name Value
Name Crypto
Ingame Name ZExi8Crypto
PUBG ID 5290705281
Youtube Channel Link
Instagram Account link
City Lahore
Age 19
Email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Alpha Rehmaan


Rehmaan is one of the most versatile players in Pakistan. His gun power and game sense are on the next levels. He achieved a lot in Pakistan and on the international level. People in PUBG competitive community consider him the Best Player of Pakistan.

He was the MVP of the BAAD Event.

He was the top fragger of the DGA tournament which was a LAN tournament in Pakistan. He was playing under PES (Portal esports).

rehmaan with portal esports
rehmaan with portal esports

After that, he joined Alpha Legends which is a middle east team. He played PMWL East from alpha legends and represented Pakistan on the international level.

With his favorite team from Pakistan F4 (Fantastic 4), he won so many local tournaments in Pakistan and was the top fragger.

He played PMPL south Asia 2020 with 247 gaming and Currently, he is playing from Alpha Legends. Alpha Rehmaan PUBG ID is 571825947

Alpha Rehmaan short Bio

Name Value
Name Rehmaan
Ingame Name AlphaRehmaan
PUBG ID 571825947
Youtube Channel Link
Instagram Account link
City Lahore
Age 23
Email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Bablu Pikachu

Bablu Pikachu

Muhammad Wasi Butt aka Bablu Pikachu is one of the finest players in Pakistan. His game skills and gun power is something that makes him the best Pubg player from Pakistan.

Bablu Pikachu is currently playing competitive matches from Team Bablu. Team Bablu is Top three teams from Pakistan and Pikachu’s fragging power is one of those reasons.

Pikachu was the top fragger in many tournaments and they won many local tournaments as well. In Free time Pikachu streams on his Youtube channel on which he has 105k Subscribers.

Bablu Pikachu short Bio

Name Value
Name Muhammad Wasi Butt
Ingame Name BabluPikachu
PUBG ID 5166452853
Youtube Channel Link
Instagram Account link
City Karachi
Age 19
Phone Number 03102695361

Scytes Ghoost

scytes ghoost

Scytes Ghoost is one of the top players from Pakistan. Ghoost is playing from team scytes from the beginning of his career. Ghoost game style and game sense are appreciatable and he proved himself in many tournaments.

He was in Top fraggers of PMCO Pakistan Fall split 2020 with amazing 15 Kills to his name and Scytes won that Official tournament.

He Represented Pakistan on the international level in PUBG mobile official tournaments like PMPL south Asia, Pmco UAE, PMPL Arabia, and PMCC.

Scytes Ghoost short Bio

Name Value
Name Ghoost
Ingame Name ScytesGhoost
PUBG ID 5242937754
Youtube Channel Link
Instagram Account link
City Dubai
Age 23
Phone Number Not Public

X Muqadar

X Muqadar

Muqadar Baloch aka X.MUQADAR is one of the finest players in Pakistan. He is the reflex king from Pakistan.

He is the master in wiping full squad Alone. He is unbeatable in close range as he practices in Bootcamp a lot and is often called King of Bootcamp too.

His reaction time and fast reflexes made him popular among the Pakistani gaming community. He started by uploading videos on TikTok and now he is well known in the gaming Community. His Youtube channel currently has 38k subscribers.

He is the leader of Team Xecute and currently playing competitive matches from his team Xecute. He is continuing his reflexes legacy in scrims and tournaments too.

Muqadar Gaming short Bio

Name Value
Name Muqadar Baloch
Ingame Name X . MUQADAR
PUBG ID 5177452362
Youtube Channel Link
Instagram Account link
City Queta
Age 17
Current Team ExecuteEsports
Date of Birth 15 November 2003
Device iPhone 11



UnknownOP is a solo vs squad content creator. He started from Facebook and gain a lot of well-deserved fame from there. His Facebook account currently has 177k followers.

His youtube channel has 101k Subscribers and on Instagram, he got 18k followers.

UnknownOP is the best solo vs squad player from Pakistan and his game style and game sense are appreciatable.

He is the fastest player and his reflexes are just mind-blowing.

Unknown OP short Bio

Name Value
Name Unknown OP
Ingame Name UnknownOP
PUBG ID 5460574809
Youtube Channel Link
Instagram Account link
City xxxxxxxxx
Age 19
Email Unknown

Legend Sam

Legend Sam

Sam Malik aka Legend Sam is famous because of his Quick scope sniping. His play style and game sense are very good.

Legend sam was one of the first Pakistani to start uploading PUBG mobile videos on Tiktok. He got so much hype from TikTok and now he is also in the Top pubg content creators of Pakistan.

He is the leader of Pakistan’s most famous Clan The Legends.

Legend Sam short Bio

Name Value
Name Sam Malik
Ingame Name ŁEGEND々SAM
PUBG ID 5116614055
Youtube Channel Link
Instagram Account link
City Islamabad
Age 20
Email [email protected]
Device Iphone 12 Pro Max

Spins Qadeer

Spins Qadeer

Qadeer is being called reflex king by his fans and he indeed is. His gaming skills and reflexes are out of this world. He is a competitive and classic player.

His ingame id name is spinsQADEER.

No matter what map he dominates that and in sanhok people call him Bootcamp KING.

His youtube channel has 115k subscribers and he PUBG mobile Partner from Pakistan. On Instagram, he has 38k Followers.

Spins Qadeer short Bio



Kalfan is one of the most skilled players. He started from youtube where he Uploads joining random squads videos and got great hype from there. Even though most of them were scripted videos but he is a good player.

Mostly he plays solo vs squad and with randoms to have fun a create content for YouTube.

His youtube channel Has 231k Subscribers and on Instagram near 40k followers.

Kalfan short Bio

Star Anonymous

star anonymous pubg

Star anonymous is the biggest PUBG YouTuber and also the best iPad player from Pakistan. The reason, why I listed him 10th is he is an Ipad player, and all the above players are Mobile players.

Mubeen is the most respected pubg player from Pakistan. His youtube channel currently has 2m+ followers.

Star anonymous short Bio

Frequently Asked Qusetions

Who is Best player in Pakistan?

I8Crypto is the best player from Pakistan in 2022 because of his performance in pmpl and pmwi. These tournament includes many experienced international team from all over the world and he performs very good there.


That was it for the top 10 pubg players in Pakistan. All these players are very talented and skilled.

There are chances that I didn’t mention your favorite player because I don’t know for you who plays better than these.

You can comment down below with your favorite player and why so that I can update the list and feature them in the near future article.

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