Top 10 Sites to Watch Dubbed Anime Online for Free 2022

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Most Anime series evoke many intense emotions in its viewers because it has a much more complicated storyline. No wonder many people love to watch Anime even though it only uses the Japanese language. According to some statistics, out of 7 billion people worldwide, 3 to 4 billion are enthusiastic about watching Anime. This is why most Anime online is already available in other languages, particularly in English. If you notice, Anime series already have subtitles or, if not, are already dubbed in English, which made streaming more convenient. The downside to watch dubbed Anime is that some of the English dubbed Anime ruins the Anime quality. Luckily, we have the list of the best-dubbed Anime websites you can visit to stream your all-time fave online.

Best 10 Sites to Watch Dubbed Anime You Can Check Now

1. DubbedAnime

DubbedAnime is the perfect Anime site for Anime lovers out there. It offers a vast collection of popular series – ongoing and completed – like One Piece and Naruto dubbed in English. Aside from the Anime series, you can also find and watch plenty of dubbed Anime movies here.

Furthermore, for hassle-free navigation, movies and series from this site are sorted by their titles and status, whether completed or ongoing. It also has a suggestion tab, whereas it recommends the newest, most viewed, favorite, and rated Anime from their site. Incredibly, you can also be part of their virtual community once you sign up and register for their account.

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Tips: You can check this article to download anime subtitles.

2. Anime Planet

Searching for the best sites to watch dubbed Anime? Visit Anime-Planet and enjoy streaming your favorite series and movies here. Developed by Anime lovers for Anime fanatics worldwide, this online site aims to make Anime streaming more accessible and convenient for everyone.

Moreover, this is a perfect online platform for looking for the most loved series or recently released Anime. You can watch those Anime in HD quality, whereas 720P and 1080P are both available. You’ll also get to make friends, create reviews and recommendations, and customize your library by joining their community through signing up. Plus, if you want to know how competitive you are, you can enjoy doing their community challenges (reading and watching challenges) as well. Lastly, besides movies and series, you can also browse and read Manga on this site.

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3. HiDive

Hi-Dive is a US-based creator that legally streams Anime available worldwide. This site was founded by connecting to Anime fanatics who share their favorite Anime and series. Thus, giving you more time to binge-watch dubbed Anime online.

Interestingly, besides streaming online, this also allows you to connect to your preferred device through its simulcast function. What a perfect way to share it with your family and friends, right? Another thing, HiDive, keeps you updated with the newly released Anime as it gives you the list of schedules for Anime’s premiere. To add, you do not have to worry if you will find your favorite genre here as this platform is packed with different genres you will enjoy. However, some videos might not be available for you unless you subscribe.

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4. JustDubs

One of the dubbed Anime streaming sites you can visit is this JustDubs. This Anime-packed site is the best for you if you are looking for your favorite Anime dubbed in English. Here, you can also find everyone’s all-time favorite series, the One Piece. For the record, this site already has more than 600 dubbed episodes of these famous adventure-fiction sequels.

Additionally, this Anime site also has a complete list of genres you can watch in full screen and high quality. It even updates you if a new dubbed episode is available. This interactive platform has a forum wherein you can share and give your comments about the video you watch. However, though it’s easy to download videos from here, it will require you to download another tool to watch it offline, leading you to different sites wholly.

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5. RyuAnime

If you want to stream animated series online, RyuAnime is the right tool for you. It offers over 50,000 Anime episodes from 3,000 Anime series online – indeed, it’s the best site for otaku out there. Want dubbed Animes? You can also watch them here.

Besides, RyuAnime has a list of trending and new dubbed episodes uploaded every hour that you can filter by their year of release, season, status, and type. Besides animated series, it also has a variety of movies in different genres available. And on its homepage, you can instantly decide and evaluate the Anime you want to watch as it already shows the summary, rating, and details. These videos are also up for grab; just make sure that you have signed up to their Otaku account. Moreso, you can also get involved with their community and meet more RyuAnime users and be friends with them.

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6. Dubbed

For dubbed Anime you want to stream online, visit Dubbed as it provides thousands of ongoing and completed dubbed Anime series. This site is easy to use since all the information you need before watching is already on its homepage – from its plots, ratings, and more.

Besides streaming, you can also discuss the video you have watched by engaging in their online community. You will get ideas of the best Anime to monitor you should watch. And if you have signed up for their streaming account, you’ll have a chance to leave and share your comments towards that particular Anime. This streaming site will maximize your Anime-watching experience.


7. is a streaming site that has a long list of dubbed Anime. Here, you can watch that classic Dragon Ball Z series in English dubbed. Its simple navigation tab lets you save time on finding what you want to watch.

Moreover, if you want to grab your favorite videos, that’s possible on this site as you can easily download it and save it on your PC. Besides Anime series, this site also offers more because you can watch Anime movies and read the manga. And if you want to leave and share comments, you can again do that by joining their online community. It’s a good chance for you to meet people with the same interest as yours.

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8. Viz

Well, Viz is one of the dubbed Anime websites where you can stream classic series again like Ranma ½, Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, and more. Undoubtedly, one of these old Anime series has a particular spot in your heart when you were younger. And if you missed watching the magical adventures of Sailor Moon squad and Inuyasha, all of those series are also here. All you have to do is have to browse and play them.

Viz has a classy but straightforward-to-navigate interface that lets the viewers use it with convenience. Before it streams animated video, it was only a reading site, but you can still indulge in reading Japanese comics and novels here.

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9. AnimeDao

AnimeDao has a lot of dubbed Anime you wish to watch online. Here, you can find both dubbed and subbed videos of your favorite series. If you want to retain its original language, you may opt to choose subbed videos. Meanwhile, if your eyes get tired of reading subtitles, then you can stream dubbed videos instead.

Moreso, this online streaming site has an easy navigator wherein you can easily choose what to watch based on their genres, lists, and popularity. You can also stream Anime movies here and bookmarks your favorite series directly on this site. That saves you a lot of time. Interestingly, you can also download videos here.

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10. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is one of the dubbed Anime sites that gives you hundreds of animated videos online. Its general aim is to release videos that are easily understood even without reading subtitles. On this site, you can discover classic to newest Anime that you will enjoy streaming.

Additionally, this video streaming service supports several foreign languages like English, Español, Português, Deutsch, and Italiano you can choose. Besides watching videos, you can also play games here and challenge any Crunchyroll user from its virtual community. This site allows you to stream videos simultaneously as well. And if you are a die-hard Otaku, you can purchase Anime figures, plush, and Manga from this site too.

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The Best 10 English Dubbed Anime of All Time

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If you find watching subbed Anime inconvenient as it demands your full attention so you can catch up on the scene while reading subtitles, then watching dubbed Anime is the best for you. Amazingly, we can already find series that are dubbed in English magnificently online. These Anime series will surely give you the best streaming experience ever. With that, here are the best English dubbed Anime of all time that you can watch over again.

  1. My Hero Academia
  2. Black Cover
  3. One Punch Man
  4. The Rising of the Shield Hero
  5. The Devil is a Part-timer
  6. Hunter x Hunter
  7. Assassination Classroom
  8. No Game No Life
  9. Spirited Away
  10. Naruto: Shippuden

Comparison of Dubbed Anime Websites

Websites Mobile App Premium Account Offline Streaming Pop-up ads (Free Version) No No Yes Tolerable
Anime Planet No Yes No Tolerable
HiDive Yes Yes, with 30-Day free trial No Tolerable
JustDubs No No Yes Too many
RyuAnime No No Yes Tolerable
Websites Mobile App Premium Account Offline Streaming Pop-up ads (Free Version)
Dubbed No No Yes Tolerable No No Yes Too many
Viz Yes Yes Yes Tolerable
AnimeDao No No Yes Too many
Crunchyroll Yes Yes, with 14-Day free trial No Too many

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