Top WordPress Custom Fonts Plugins Reviewed

These days we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to web typography, the only issue being how to actually add custom fonts to your WordPress site.

Digging around in code and messing with files can be fiddly. Luckily, there are plenty of great options if you want to change your site’s fonts, from simply adding a new font to see on elements like your header, to adding colors changing font sizes.

In this post, I’ve reviewed six of the best plugins that can help you get custom fonts set up easily on your WordPress site.

In this post, I’ve rounded up and tested the six best custom font plugins, scored them, and given each a brief description so you can make up your own mind. Each of the plugins has been scored on usabilty, user interface and the ability to upload custom fonts.

Use Any Font

Use Any Font

Use Any Font is marketed with the tagline “Embed any font in your website.” A simple enough promise that describes exactly what this plugin delivers.

After installing the activating this plugin, you’ll need to sign up to the developer’s website in order to get an API key.

Use Any Font
You’ll need to sign up for an API key to use this plugin.

The developer, Dinesh Karki, asks for donations in increments up to $100 for using his plugin. Any donation over $10 will get you unlimited activation and unlimited font conversion for a lifetime. If you’re tight with cash and want the plugin for free (which I suppose isn’t asking too much since it’s available to download in the WordPress Plugin Repository), then you’ll only get a single activation and a single font conversion. So you pretty much get your arm twisted into making a contribution since who wants a plugin for just a single font?

Use Any Font
If you want access to more than one font you’ll need to make a donation to the plugin’s developer.

Once you’re API key is sorted, you can get on with uploading your own fonts. The plugin has one settings screen, which can be found in Settings > Use Any Font. From here, you can upload fonts, assign fonts to elements like headlines, paragraphs and blockquotes, and add custom CSS.

Dinesh seems to use his own service for converting your fonts to web fonts, but they do come out clear and the anti aliasing is pretty good.

Use Any Font
The plugin displays clear fonts on the front-end of my site.

While the user interface is fairly easy to get around, it’s not all that attractive, and it doesn’t make any sense that the instructions are at the bottom of the settings page and not at the top.

There are detailed usage instructions (not that you’ll probably need them) as well as support available on the developer’s website.

This is a fantastic plugin if you’re looking to quickly and easily add custom fonts to your website.

The Good