UCLA Gymnast Katelyn Ohashi Talks Her ‘Perfect 10’ Viral Floor Routines and Last Competition at Collegiate Nationals

There’s a certain way someone stares at you when they think they know you from the internet. Katelyn Ohashi, the viral star of the University of California Los Angeles gymnastics team, knows the look well. “You can tell when someone recognizes you and they want to say something, but they don’t want to bother you,” she says. When they finally muster up the courage, they ask, “Oh my gosh, are you the perfect 10?” She replies, laughing, “I’m Katelyn Ohashi, nice to meet you.”

At first, she was a little puzzled by the numerical nickname. But she’s learned to embrace her celebrity—lord knows, there are far worse things to be known for online than notching the highest possible score while dancing to Beyoncé and Tina Turner. “What I have now, it’s really chill because I have honestly some of the coolest people stop me,” Ohashi says. “The most appreciative and kind.”

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