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Love This!

A year or so ago I had a minor bought of alopecia and my eyelashes and eyebrows were impacted. I never really used anything kn my brows before that but trust me thr no brow look is Not good! I have been using brow pens but not super happy with them. They dont look natural and they rub off so sometimes you go into bathroom and look in mirror and see you only have half an eyebrow.. also not a good look!
Have looked at mirco-blading but it is very expensive and a little scary. What if they do it weird? What if my chemistry makes it change colors? Yikes!
So, I found this a couple days ago and tried it for first time yesterday morning. Fyi I do have some eyebrow hairs now but they are still pretty invisable. So I did a pic of me without and with. (I feel like the ink may have “dyed” my existing eyebrow hairs a bit cause they seem more noticeable today)
So, the eyebrows stayed put all day until I took them off for bed. They look totally natural! (Love) So I am sold . Adding pics of without and with, hope this helps

Most Helpful Critical Review


I tried this product and was initially in love with it. After wearing it for a few hours I looked in the mirror and my eyebrows had a green tint!!! I had no other makeup on except mascara so I know it wasn’t mixing with any other product. I returned the product and switched for a darker color thinking it might have done that because I originally had the cafe kitty which is an ash blonde and sometimes that mixes weird with red hair. Anyway, I tried another shade darker this time and the same freaking thing happened!! I’m so disappointed in this product and it was absolutely awful walking around with green eyebrows, I kept wondering why people were looking at me so strangely. Ugh.

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Must Have


maddie1678 from pennsylvania

I use this for eyeliner because the felt tip is literally perfect and makes the best wings. I wish they would make regular eyeliners with this same exact tip just with liquid liner in it, but this formula gives a super nice smoky liner look! If you struggle with eyeliner definitely give this a try (yes i know it’s for brows). I could never get eyeliner to look good until i gave this a try and i don’t think i’ll ever use anything else unless this particular tip is made in a liner pen!

neutral Nana much lighter


mommyluvof4 from ohio

I enjoy this product a lot however the colors are lighter in person. I bought neutral Nana and it’s a very light brown. I need a much darker brown. Next time I’ll try dark drapes. I did not notice a color change in a negative way. I really enjoy this pencil and the ink side.



Mar from Vero beach fl

Use it to fill in my natural brow

The ultimate eye brow pen BUT….


Samantha from Washington

This would be a game changer product if it weren’t for the fact that the color changes to a subtle green after only a few minutes. (Cool cookie shade) EVERYTHING else is amazing accept for that. The pen application is beautiful and give perfect hair like stokes. I just can’t have green eye brows! So bummed this didn’t work out.

Best Brow Pencil!!!


MUA from Maine

I understand those people who are stating that the thin eyebrow pencil can be difficult to use at times, but I’ve been using this product (both sides) for months and have always loved the result!!! I mostly use the eyebrow pencil to outline my brows and use the ink to fill them in, and I’ve had no complaints. It stays on my face all day! Overall, highly recommend, but please remember that this product might be difficult to use if you’re new to makeup! (It also doesn’t come with a spoolie, but we’ll survive people lol)

Easy to erase


CGi from Denver

The first thing I do is my eyebrows, usually use powder to do them wanted to try something new. I guess it’s a good first timer because it erased fast to redo.



dall from Avon, Indiana

Absolutely love it when it works correctly! However, on my past two I have purchased, the pencil part has completely fallen out when I flipped it over to use the ink side… and I was only able to use it once.. little frustrating for the price.

Save your money


Yazzy from Michigan

This does not make your eyebrows look microblades and it smudges . I always do my eyebrows and get complaints but with this eyebrow pencil you will not . I literally had to fix my eyebrows with a bunch of nars concealer after using this .

Just like my man


Nursemindy from Illinois

Smooth and looks good, fills in all the right places… just wish he lasted a little longer.

Green?! Why?!


Fablove26 from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I purchased Cool Cookie and while the pencil portion is perfection, the ink part is absolutely horrible AND GREEN! WHY would UD do this to what would’ve been an incredible duo! SMH.



Miri from El Paso

Honestly this is so good! Super waterproof and easy to use! The only little problem I had was that you have to wait to blend the ink and the pencil with a spoolie, it might smudge a bit if you go in too early

Best ever! I only use the ink stain part, it’s perfect!


Happy girl from Mass

Loved it! I couldn’t be happier, I went to an indoor swimming resort and my brows where perfect the entire day, didn’t rub off

I wanted to like it 🙁


Nicole from Bakersfield, ca

Used the product as instructed. At the end of the day I looked in a mirror and my eye brows were dark green . Very sad because I loved how well it stayed on and didn’t smudge. I would not recommend.

The best!


Ashlyn2027 from Grandville Mi

I love it!! 3rd time buying this product

Feathery brow


Bre L. from MI

I don’t use the pencil side so that’s kind of a waste and the reason I only gave it four stars. But I love the stain side so much for light feathery brows.

Good for Browless Goth Babes!


Steph from Northern AZ

I’ve been shaving my brows for a few years and used to use ABH, but recently decided to switch. It’s hard to find products that don’t slide around and aren’t too sheer, and this one is perfect! I use the pencil to lay down the shape and the liquid to fill them in (I do like to put a powder down after but I don’t feel as if I HAVE to), and it’s never been easier to get the high arch, thin precision and staying power I want. I did read reviews about some colors fading into green, but I bought it in black and didn’t notice any discoloration.

My only negative is that eventually sweat will break it down, however I work a labor intensive job outdoors so I can’t say I didn’t expect some slipping. They did survive a water balloon fight though!

My favorite brow product


Kristi from Indiana

I use the ink stain for the inner part of my brow and the pencil to fill in the arch. I’ve used all kinds of brow products and never found one I love until now. It’s absolutely beautiful and looks so natural



LindaS from Ks

The pen side was dried up and useless. The pencil side was ok, but ran out of product within 2 weeks of using. Worse brow product I’ve ever bought!!!!

The pen side looks purple and leaks


ToriJade from Chicago

Got this product and was super excited to ha e it. The pencil side works great, creamy but not messy, perfect color. The pen side, which is what I was so intrigued by worked great at first, then a few weeks into using I noticed my eyebrow had a purple cast from it, now a few more weeks later this still full pen has started leaking all over the place.

Works well as liquid eyeliner


HT from Chicago

My sister bought me the shade “café kitty” as a gift and it was wayyyy too light and warm for me (I’m shade Espresso in all NYX brow products for reference). The formula seems great, so I used it as liquid eyeliner instead and it doesn’t budge. I have super oily eyelids and have a hard time with black liners smudging throughout the day even with primer. I love this color as an eyeliner and I’m glad I can get some use out of it!

Conflicted Feelings


Han from Bay Area

I absolutely love this product, the pencil is awesome and so is the ink side! They really make my brows look good and I can use both sides or one side or the other and they’ll still look awesome. The only issue I have with this product is when I use the ink pen side and go in with my brow gel (any brow gel at all) my eyebrows turn purple at the ends! My go-to color is Dark Drapes and every time I use the ink side with some brow gel, my brows turn purple. I think I will continue to purchase in the future but will just not have to use brow gel with the ink side?

Bestie get it


bff from In my room

Ok idk how to upload a picture of my before and after eyebrow but bestie if you’re looking for a good brow stick.. this is the one okay just get it. Buy it.

The ink side turned my eyebrows GREEN.


MM from Baton Rouge

The pencil side is fine, but the ink side legit turned my eyebrows GREEN. I’ll use up the pencil but never buying this product again. Back to Benefit.

Best Brow Blade Pencil


Angie from NH

This is worth every penny! So good!

Turns brows green tint


Hannah from Massachusetts USA

I initially loved this product until it turned my eyebrows GREEN. The stain brush tip was very nice and accurate for creating hair-like strokes but when the product is on for awhile it becomes a weird green tint. Im at work and looked in the mirror to realize the color changed; so embarrassing.

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