Valheim workbench: How to craft and upgrade it

Looking to craft a Valheim workbench? Or perhaps you’ve already got one built but you’re trying to figure out how to upgrade it. The workbench plays an important role before you explore your vast Valheim map. Sure you can use it to craft stuff, but it’s also vital if you need to repair your gear or erect a makeshift shelter if you get caught away from home after dark.

Luckily, crafting one is easy. And while you might well end up with loads of them dotted around if you plan on building a decent-sized base, it’s worth crafting the upgrades for at least one of them so you can unlock the higher-tier crafting recipes. Here’s everything you need to know to craft and upgrade a Valheim workbench, as well as a few tips for its uses that may surprise you.

Build workbench

How to build a Valheim workbench 

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