Vegetables to plant in August: top 10 crops to sow and grow

If you want to know the best vegetables to plant in August, you’ve come to the right place. As thoughts for many turn to rest and relaxation, here at Gardeningetc HQ we know August is a month when it pays to think ahead. Far from resting on your laurels, it’s a key point in the calendar for setting up your future kitchen garden. ‘There’s no doubt spring is the main sowing period, but high summer is a close second,’ says Amateur Gardening’s fruit and veg expert Lucy Chamberlain.

As Lucy points out, get things in motion during this valuable month, and you do two things. You can make the most of bare patches in your raised garden bed ideas that appear as summer crops are harvested. And you maximize your harvest during autumn, winter and spring. ‘That’s every season covered by just one month of activity – not bad going,’ says Lucy. 

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