Vintage Luxury Bicycles Featuring Intricate Japanese Motifs

Vintage Luxury Bicycles

Anyone in love with Japanese culture and legends will surely appreciate the breathtaking design of this bicycle. Javier Jubete of the Spanish-based Vintage Luxury Bicycles brand is well known for delivering nothing but the most incredible and bespoke, chrome-engraved bicycles around, and today we have the privilege to share his latest project.

Based on the gold-plated Campagnolo classics and featuring traditional Japanese art, the new chrome and freshly painted white pearl body of this bike is beautifully complemented by special engravings and drawings on various parts of the bicycle and even the wheels.

Vintage Luxury Bicycles

The latest collection from Vintage Luxury Bicycles honors the union of both the Italian and Japanese cultures, with a pure Italian styling mixed with these eye catching Japanese motifs. The fresh Campagnolo bicycles feature slim 700c and 650c wheels, as well as a tubular system from the acclaimed Italian brand Vittoria. I think it’s safe to assume you won’t be riding this bike to work anytime soon.

Such beautiful works of art deserve appreciation, praise and a dedicated place in a glass display somewhere around your house. Untouched yet admired, this concept will most likely become a collectible in the years to come.

Vintage Luxury Bicycles

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