‘Virgin River’ Season 2 Soundtrack | ‘Virgin River’ Season 2 Playlist

It can be tricky enough to keep up with the emotional roller-coaster ride that is Netflix’s Virgin River. But if you’ve somehow had no trouble keeping track of the love triangles, secret twins, and mysterious pasts that are apparently a requirement for all residents of Virgin River, California, you may have found yourself with enough extra brainpower to pick up on the absolutely impeccable soundtrack playing behind all those twists and turns.

The first season’s playlist was already exceptional (hello, that “Landslide” cover?!), perfectly encapsulating in musical form Mel Monroe’s rocky adjustment to small-town life and the landslide (sorry!) of drama that ensued. But the show’s music supervisors have truly outdone themselves in season two: In addition to the usual mix of singer-songwriter-y covers and a trio of onscreen performances by real-life indie rock group The Promised, the new soundtrack is also peppered with major hits from Lizzo, Aretha Franklin, and Hozier. Far beyond providing the sense of relief that comes with learning that Lizzo is just as important to this tiny fictional town as she is in real life, the second season’s soundtrack is also just a spot-on combination of pop bangers, acoustic jams, and nostalgic swingy tunes.

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