What Causes Red Spots on Skin? Dermatologists Explain

If you’re a living, breathing human, you’ve probably experienced the joys of discovering a mysterious red spot or bump on your skin at some point in your life (specifically, one that goes beyond hyperpigmentation). And as anyone who’s seen a dermatologist—or anxiously self-diagnosed on the Internet—knows, there’s not always one clear-cut answer, or one miracle-working fix.

To prevent you from attacking your skin with the wrong formulas, we chatted with two leading dermatologists to find out the top seven most likely causes for red spots on your skin. Don’t worry, these red spots are not your forever. And it’s critical that you do two things.

  1. You don’t mess with them and cause further damage to the skin.
  2. You don’t let them live on without discovering the proper fix.

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