What Happens in the ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ Book?

Like previous Nicole Kidman/David E. Kelley vehicles The Undoing and Big Little Lies, the new Hulu series Nine Perfect Strangers is based on a hit book—and, in fact, a book written by bestselling Australian authorLiane Moriarty, who also penned Big Little Lies. Published in 2018, Nine Perfect Strangers the book features all the same key characters as the series—Masha; Tony; Francis; Napoleon, Zoe, and Heather Marconi; Ben and Jessica; Lars; Yao and Delilah; and Carmel—but the plot of the series diverges sharply from the book’s after the first episode.

As with Big Little Lies, the book Nine Perfect Strangers is set in an entirely different country than the series. Moriarty’s novel is set in Australia, but David E. Kelley moved the adaptation to the States (even though, confusingly, the series was actually filmed in Australia). But, again, as with Big Little Lies, Kelley kept Moriarty’s cast of characters and simply adapted the plot for Nine Perfect Strangers the series to make it better suited to a television format. Ahead, a guide to what’s notably different and similar between the series and the hit book. Spoilers ahead for episodes 1-4 of Nine Perfect Strangers.

In the book, Masha does not receive threatening messages.

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