Where Is Hope on ‘Virgin River’ Season 3?

Conspicuously absent from season 3 of Virgin River, which dropped on Netflix July 9, is the one and only Hope McCrea, played by Annette O’Toole: the sharp-tongued, fiercely loyal mayor of the town and fiancée (and former wife) of Doc Mullins. While we frequently see Hope on video chat and her presence is very much felt in storylines, she isn’t shown in person once during Virgin River’s third season—unlike Hope’s onscreen husband, Doc, who is physically present in almost every episode. Worse, by the end of the third season, Hope close to death, having gotten in a car accident and suffered a brain injury. Which has fans wondering: Will Hope die on Virgin River? And is Annette O’Toole leaving the show—hell, has she already left?

Don’t worry, Hope McCrea fans: While O’Toole wasn’t able to fly to Vancouver for filming of season 3, she’s still very much a part of Virgin River, and will remain so going forward. And all signs to Hope being not only in Virgin River season four, but being far more present than she was able to be in the third season.

Why is Hope missing in Virgin River season three?

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