Where Is ‘The Circle’ Filmed?

Surprise! The third season of viral hit The Circle dropped on Netflix on September 8, 2021, just months after the second season came out. The reality competition first hit screens on New Year’s Day 2020, when the idea of being confined to an apartment and only communicating through social media was a unique premise rather than a socially distant reality. The Circle followed a rotating cast of players who competed to become the most popular person a voice-activated social media platform, while either presenting as their true selves or catfishing through false pictures or personalities. At the end of season one, two prizes were awarded: $100,000 to the player rated highest by the contestants, and $10,000 to a Fan Favorite chosen by the viewers.

Fans of the show quickly become familiar with the luxury apartment building where The Circle is filmed. In addition to the time spent watching each contestant in their customized apartments, the show includes multiple shots of the red brick building’s exterior (and its giant LED-lit circle).

The city shots are not where The Circle is filmed…

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