Where Is WeWork’s Rebekah Neumann, Adam Neumann’s Wife, Now?

In Hulu’s newest documentary, WeWork: Or The Making and Breaking of a $47 Billion Unicorn, filmmaker Jed Rothstein attempts to trace the company’s inflated rise and fantastic fall through the lens of the characters who helmed the company’s financial ruin. The two biggest players? Naturally, former CEO and co-founder Adam Neumann and, more surprisingly, his wife, Rebekah. While Rebekah’s involvement isn’t the main crux of the doc, she is presented as a powerful figure both in Adam’s life and the company’s. (Her inheritance was WeWork’s first big investment, and she was eventually named the third “co-founder.”)

In particular, Rebekah encouraged Adam’s leadership and WeWork culture to be more spiritual—though her more toxic additions to the business have been well-documented—and she was responsible for the launch of WeWork’s educational venture, WeGrow, which subsequently lost the company millions of dollars. If the documentary left you curious about Rebekah Neumann, here’s what we know about her life and where she and Adam Neumann are now.

Was Rebekah Neumann an actress?

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