Who Are Margaret Thatcher’s Children? | Where Are Mark and Carol Thatcher Now?

Though most parents try to shy away from blatantly choosing favorites among their children, as seen in the fourth season of The Crown, Margaret Thatcher wasn’t like most parents. And while it’s probably unlikely that she would’ve been so casually forthright about her favoritism during a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II—subsequently sending the queen on a bizarre journey to determine the favorite of her own four children—there’s little doubt that Britain’s first female prime minister did indeed favor her son Mark over his twin sister Carol.

This is perfectly exemplified in The Crown‘s portrayal of Thatcher’s frantic response to reports that Mark has gone missing during a 1982 car race, which really happened and really resulted in Thatcher shelling out thousands of pounds to aid in the search for her son. Here’s the true story behind Mark’s international drama and Thatcher’s relationship with him and Carol.

What happened when Mark Thatcher went missing?

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