Who Is Anna Shay From ‘Bling Empire’?

If you were born into a half-a-billion dollar fortune, spent your youth dotting across the globe for state dinners, and just discovered Target two years ago, you still wouldn’t match the sheer charm and eccentricity of Anna Shay. As the breakout star of Netflix’s hit reality show Bling Empire, Shay hops from Boucheron to Beverly Hills about as uninhibited as someone worth $600 million.

The very first image we see of Shay is when she’s in the middle of demolishing her closet for some serious home renovations. According to her, contractors are “stupid” and would force her to stay in a hotel while they complete the project, so the next logical step for the 60 year-old daughter of an international arms dealer is to pick up the sledgehammer herself and get the job done right.

anna shay in episode 7 “kevin and kane take charleston” of bling empire season 1 c courtesy of netflix © 2021

(Image credit: Netflix)

If Bling Empire is about the lives of Los Angeles’ fabulously wealthy Asian community, then Shay is the show’s defining figure. Born in Tokyo to Ai Oizumi, who descended from Russian aristocracy, and Edward Shay, the titan behind Pacific Architects and Engineers, the heiress moved to LA as a child. She then went on to end four marriages and raise her 27-year-old son Kenny Kemp, a collector of cannabis paraphernalia.

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