Who Is Donald Harris, Kamala Harris’s Father & Stanford Professor?

Kamala Harris has spoken openly and frequently about her heritage. Being the daughter of two immigrants has affected her perspective of the world, her personal life (including her oft-mispronounced name, which means “lotus” in Sanskrit), and her stance on many issues. An important piece of her backstory is Kamala’s father, Donald Harris, a former economics professor at Stanford and an immigrant from Jamaica, who has…thoughts about some things Kamala has said. He lives close to Kamala, and recent reports claim they’re on “good terms,” but she’s made comments that suggest that she was closer to her late mother. It sounds like they have an important, but complicated relationship, so here’s what we know about it.

Donald Harris was born in Jamaica.

According to his Stanford bio, Donald is a naturalized U.S. citizen (which unfortunately sparked bogus, and racist, claims that Kamala isn’t eligible to run for office). Donald attended the University of California Berkeley and worked at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) before coming to California. He’s traveled extensively, and has spoken often about the economic situation in his home nation of Jamaica and how to improve the economy there and in other developing nations.

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